“Because we are all as unique as our fingerprints; lets celebrate diversity and beauty, respect one another and for that #nofashionbullying”



Movement empowered by Nicolas Felizola, renowned Venezuelan Fashion Designer, established in the city of Miami. Coined as a modern Renaissance man, Nicolas’s sensibility and constant search for creating beauty with excellence, have resulted in being the recipient of the most prestigious awards worldwide. In addition, he was selected as one of the top 100 outstanding artists of the 21st Century.


The “No Fashion Bullying” movement is intended to support and help individuals to believe in themselves, project their unique personalities and feel completely comfortable with their individual style without becoming a fashion slave.


Throughout his career, Felizola is fully aware of individuals who do not follow a specific stereotype. His commitment to the fashion world, personal beliefs and upbringing have empowered this beautiful movement to raise awareness and to ensure that a predisposed stereotype does NOT dictate what is most important… which is an individual’s true personality